History of the Puppet theatre

1978 : Jean Bindschedler, paintor and sculptor, creates his first puppets and directs his first show.

1980 : Establishment of the Puppet Theatre in Fribourg.

1980-1998 : Regular seasonal productions directed by Jean Bindschedler. Collaboration with Marie-Jo Aeby and Nicolas Bindschedler.

1998-2001 : Nicolas Bindschedler directs the Puppet Theatre in Fribourg. Collaboration with Karine Dupont.

2002-2003 : Productions organised by the "New Fribourg Puppet Theatre Group", directed first by Christian Raschle, then Hélène Sauvain and Thomas Sansonnens. Numerous invited troups.

From 2004 :  Regular seasonal productions by invited troups.Theatre groups from Switzerland and abroad.

Programme organisers

2004 - 2008: Madeleine Mooser

2008 - 2015: Dorothée Curty

2015 - 2016: Isabelle Joye Boivin

2016 - 2017: Marion Schmutz

2018: Laetitia Delacombaz

2019 - 2020: Loraine Pernet

Audioguide: On your phone
Audioguide: On your phone

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